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Ten/Simm!Master fics?

So I posted this on dw-ficsearch but no replies :( I’m sure fics like this have to exist:

I just finished reading Deep by Lamiel and loved it. My only request really is that it features the Master using some sort of hypnosis, if that’s not too odd of a request. In almost all of the Ten/Master fics I’ve read already, it perplexes me a little that they all seem to forget that hypnosis is one of the Master’s stronger points

Some Merlin fic recs for a newbie to the fandom?

I tried looking for some general stuff on ff.net but there’s a lot of material and to be honest, half of it isn’t written all that well. Some specific ones I’m looking for:

1) Anything like “The Moment of Truth” from Season 1 where Merlin has some personal issues to take care of and for once, Arthur is the one to tag along and help.

2) err…an alternate ending to season 5 where Merlin is able to save Arthur in time. Preferably multichapter that explores the new dynamic between Merlin and Arthur now that Merlin’s secret is out. Also, just as a side note, I think I’m most disappointed that we never got to see Arthur rule during the golden age after Morgana’s death. I mean yeah, I think he more or less was successful in building his empire but still…after all the build-up from seasons 1-4, I felt gyped

3) kind of similar to #2, but how about one where Merlin and Arthur embark on a new adventure/mission and work together using Merlin’s magic. We only ever really saw Merlin helping out from the side, and having to mostly sneak around. It would be cool to see an adventure where it’s finally all out in the open.

I’m 99% sure these fics exist. Hell, I think 2 and 3 are basically like asking for Ten/Rose reunion fics from Doctor Who.

Can someone rec me some Eleven/Rose friendship fics?

Just, maybe he finds a way to get back to her and they travel together again, but their relationship is strictly a strong friendship, what with the metacrisis and all. I find the romance to be a bit cheesy anyway

Everyone needs to read this fic right now


Everyone is amazingly in character and it could actually pass as canon.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I hope Naomi dies a gruesome death and I sincerely hope Cas is the one to do it
I hope Cas goes apeshit on the other angels when he finds out what they’re doing to him

Instead of becoming even further depressed, he just decides to stop taking their shit and kills them all or something

Think Jack Bauer in the season 1 finale of 24.

Can someone help me find this Dean/Cas story?

I can’t for the life of me remember the plot details but it was part of Dean/Cas Big Bang last year or the year before and in the end, Cas still has all his powers and I remember there’s a little line about how Bobby gets pneumonia but Dean and Sam don’t call Cas to heal him at first. And he gets kind of annoyed at them and lectures them about how pneumonia could be deadly in older people (i have no idea why I remember this part)

Where the fuck is that Sam and Cas gifset from!?!?
So in the 8x05 preview clip, is that basically Cas jumping in front of Dean when he’s down?

In the final scene, we see Cas smiting someone who looks like he’s going in for the kill. Well, right before that we see Dean kind of dazed and down on the ground, followed by a really bright flash of light behind him. 

So they’re ambushed, Dean’s about to be offed, but Cas gets right in front of his and kills the sucker? Don’t even care if this doesn’t turn out to be canon. It already is in my head.

Any post-purgatory reunion Dean/Cas fics yet?

8x07 can’t come soon enough. Indulge me please :(